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Safeguard Your Data

Today’s data backup and recovery solutions are: Reliable Secure Fast Affordable Easy to Use

7 out of 10 businesses receive failing grades when it comes to disaster recovery and data backup. Are you one of them? The threats to your data are growing. Natural disasters, human error, hardware failures and now Ransomware can shut your business down in it’s tracks. Without access to your data what would you do? Don’t panic, there are now ways to easily protect and recover your data.

Technical Overview

Today’s Affordable Data Backup & Recovery Solutions Allow You To:

Monitor & Manage
Single web-based console monitoring

Recovery Precision
Recover specific files and folders

Roll-Back Systems
Roll back system data to pre-Ransomeware infections

Migration Services
Migrate to new hardware or virtual environment

Recovery Testing
Test your business’s disaster and recovery plan

Incremental Data Backups
Never risks losing more than a few minutes.

New Application Testing
Prior to your production environment

Manage Your Backup
Within a mixed I.T. environment

Customized Backups
Choose excatly what you want to backup

Bare Metal Recovery
Recovery after a server failure

Restore Whole Data
Restore whole data volumes

Disk Imaging
State-of-the-art technology solutions

No headaches. No ransom. No downtime.

The US Department of Homeland Security issues a Ransomware Alert! Act, Don't React

"Employ a data backup and recovery plan for all critical information".

You're A Target

RANSOMWARE is the single biggest threat targeting small and medium size businesses today. Hackers have declared war on data and are using malware to infiltrate your network and gain access to your files.

The US Department of Homeland Security issues a Ransomware Alert

Ransomware Defense

Did you know that 77% of cyber attacks target small & midsize enterprises. If data is important to your business, you are a target. Let The Cloud Depot show you how to protect your most valuable asset.

Let The Cloud Depot match you with a customized, affordable data backup & recovery solution.

Through our exclusive network of best in class providers we have access to special pricing and promotions and it’s our job to get you the right solutions WITHOUT any aggravation or sales pressure. Schedule a hassle-free no pressure DEMO today.

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